Hometown: Madisonville, KY
Education: Bryan College Bachelors degree 2003
UTI:  Auto /Diesel program, high performance engine and drivetrain: 2005

Work experience:
David started working for TC motoring, his father’s European repair shop, at the age of 14.  Working there through high school gave David a true love for the automobile and a passion to make them better.  David spent many hours tinkering with his ATV, which he still does, and friends cars, making them faster and better and allot more enjoyable.  While in college David work for another European repair shop and almost everybody’s car on campus.  After college David pursued his dream and went to work for one of the nations top shops, Custom Classics.  At Custom Classics David worked on several movies cars, i.e.: the fast and furious charger and eclipse, Mr. Gadget’s car, the Crown Vic from the movie “Taxi,”  just to name a few.  While at Custom Classics David also worked on many award winning main stream show car, anything from a 1970 Chevelle to a 1950 Sarasota.

After marrying his beautiful wife, Ashley, they moved to Nashville to relocate closer to home to start a family.  David starting working for Mercedes Benz as a tech and in the process starting building DBR.  After almost 2 years at Mercedes Benz, David opened DBR with his partner and college buddy Adam Drake.

David’s need for speed started at a very young age, with endless car noises and racing everybody around him, whether that was on his bicycle or in his 1980 240D Mercedes .  Not much has changed, still making car noises and still trying to race everybody.

First Vehicle: 1980 240D Mercedes Benz
Current vehicles: 1990 5.0 Coupe, 2005 Dodge 3500 Dually Diesel, 1980 240D Mercedes Benz, 2009 Suburban LTZ
Favorite car: 1966 GT40