Hometown: Nolensville, Tennessee

Education: Page High School

Work Experience:  I have worked at many Dealerships including Volvo, Honda, Toyota, and Mercedes Benz. My job prior to DBR was at Essentially Offroad, we built anything from full tube chassis rock buggies to you run of the mill daily driver truck or jeep. I am capable of welding just about anything and have the ability to fabricate just about any part. But in the end Horsepower is my love.

First vehicle: 1986 toyota longbed pickup

Current daily driver:  2007 gmc 1500 4×4

Other vehicles:  Currently building a 1964 Chevy 2 nova that is ls powered with an s475. I built an 89 mustang coupe in 2004 with a LS2 402ci motor with alot of nitrous on it and I havent looked back.  I have swapped LS engines into mulitple cars. Best engine ever!

Favorite car:   Chevy 2 Nova of course has always been my favorite

First vehicle to do a wheel stand:  My LS swapped coupe at Crossville Dragway at the bounty race. I havent ever been that high, it got dark in the car