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Race Fuel

Race fuel can be a great way to maximize your vehicle’s power output

and keep all the parts together and happy, especially on boosted applications.

We offer several different selections of race fuel and fuel additives. From Gulf Mach 116 unleaded race fuel to Torco race fuel concentrate additive.

Gulf Racing Fuels

Gulf’s unleaded technology is packed into the MACH series of unleaded and non-oxygenated racing fuels with octanes of 105, 110 and 116. Expertly designed to have fast flame speed for maximum throttle response, detonation resistant and high oxidative stability. Legal for use on all tracks. 5 and 55 gallon steel drums. We typically Keep the 116 in stock and sold by the gallon, call for details.

NOS – Nitrous Oxide Systems

When real performance enthusiasts think of nitrous oxide injection, one company springs to mind: NOS – Nitrous Oxide Systems! NOS pioneered nitrous injection in the 1970s, and today NOS powers more racers than any other nitrous company. Only NOS has such a wide assortment of systems and applications—just pick the power increase level you want, and NOS will get you there with a complete kit, including all the plumbing, hardware, and electronics you need. We’re also your source for NOS nitrous accessories like bottles, bottle brackets, blankets, injection nozzles, controllers and timers, and even illuminated purge valves for pure intimidation.

Ignite Racing Fuel

Ignite is ethanol, burning cleaner and cooler to extend the life of your engine while providing more torque and power for the speed that you demand. From e85 to 114 octane, Ignite has what it takes. Got Octane?

Ignite 114 – Designed for high compression naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines with compression ratios of 14:1 and higher, IGNITE 114 outperforms similarly rated gasoline based racing fuel. With superior burn speed and energy value, IGNITE 114 will reduce engine temperature while delivering more power and torque.


M1 Racing Methanol has a 99.95% minimum purity – the highest purity available in the U.S. With M1, engines run cooler and are less subject to corrosion. VP uses only lined drums which prohibit rust, corrosion and metal deposits that can contaminate fuel delivery systems. Recommended for all methanol-legal racing applications.

Torco Accelerator

Torco Accelerator is not just another fuel additive, It’s simply a RACE FUEL CONCENTRATE! With many of the same additives our winning race fuel possesses, Torco Accelerator is a blend of components which will transform the make up of premium pump gas to closely resemble race fuel. Creates greater efficiency…more horsepower!

  • Can raise the Octane of your fuel as high as 105.
  • You can customize your blend to fit your needs.
  • Won’t harm sensitive O2 sensors or catalytic converters.
  • Multiple high-performance applications -street or race car, motorcycle, watercraft, snowmobile, ATV or UTV, whether carbureted, injected, turbocharged, or supercharged.