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Performance Shop and Dyno Tuning near Nashville, TN

Welcome to DBR High Performance

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High Performance

We want to welcome you to DBR High Performance, Tennessee’s premier speed shop. Performance and dyno tuning located just south of Nashville in Spring Hill, TN. We specialize in high horsepower street cars that you can drive every day. Our motto of “There’s no such thing as too fast” plays out in what we can do for you. With unmatched service and workmanship.

Complete Custom Builds

Interested in doing a full build? We can make it happen. Here at DBR, we offer complete custom build projects to fit anyone’s needs. Our team of experts will consult with you on your dream vehicle. If it’s to create a faster car, a race car, something out of the box or the ultimate sleeper, we can accomplish it. View “Our Works” to get an idea of the projects we have accomplished in our 8 years of business.

Add more Power to your Car

Looking to add that more seat of the pants fun? Regardless of what the dyno says if you don’t feel the difference when driving was the upgrade really worth it? We say NO! Why spend money on a performance upgrade and not be able to feel it in your “butt dyno?” Here at DBR we can help you decide on which upgrades are worth it and which ones are not.

Race proven performance

  • 5 acres and a 30,000 sq ft facility.
  • Mainline DynoLog 2500hp hub dyno
  • Indoor monthly vehicle storage packages
  • Multiple industry world records in RWHP results and ½ mile events
  • Custom Fabrications of roll cages from 4 point to 25.5
  • Turbos/Supercharger fabrication from mild to wild
  • Bolt-on and custom nitrous systems
  • Heads/camshaft and bolt-on upgrades
  • Complete custom vehicle builds
  • Custom EFI and OEM ECU tuning


Where the rubber meets the road.


Dyno Tuning

Dyno Tuning

We tune multiple platforms on most all stand-alone EFI’s and OEM domestic vehicles. We also offer several tuning solutions for some exotics and specialty vehicles. We use a Mainline DynoLog 2500hp hub dyno and lab grade widebands to make sure the data we are getting is as accurate as possible.

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Forced Induction

Forced Induction

We can force feed anything any way. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as it gets done. From a custom twin turbo system to a bolt-on supercharger kit, forced induction can create huge amounts of drivable power. We can build any forced induction setup, from mild to wild.

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Classic Cars

Classic Cars

Want to turn some heads? Here at DBR we can turn your classic car or truck into the high performance speed machine that you’ve always dreamed of? We not only sell high performance parts for your classic car or truck: we install them. Our service is guaranteed and our quality is second to none.

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Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication

Here at DBR we take pride in every little thing we fabricate. From custom turbo systems to roll cages we can build just about anything. We have experience doing a simple little 4 point cage all the way to a certified 25.5 cage. Let us help you decided what is best for your project and start building!!

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Exotic Vehicles

Exotic Vehicles

DBR isn’t just limited to domestic late model cars. We offer several different options for many of the exotics and specialty cars out there. Please give us a call and see if we can help you!!

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Race Fuel

Race Fuel

Race fuel can be a great way to maximize your vehicles power output and keep all the parts together and happy, especially on boosted applications. We offer several different selections of race fuel and fuel additives. From Gulf Mach 116 unleaded race fuel to Torco race fuel concentrate additive.

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Give Your Car More Power & Performance




What all does DBR tune?

DBR tunes most stand-a-lone setups on Domestic vehicles, please contact us for your specific application

  • Most all 97+ GM V8’s
  • Most all 96+ Ford V8’s
  • Most all 2005+ Mopar V8’s
  • Most carbureted applications
  • We offer various tuning solutions for high end imports like Mercedes Benz, McLaren, Audi, GTR, and Porsche.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

DBR does not tune Imports such as: Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Volkswagen.

Does DBR do simple bolts-on upgrades?

Yes, unless we feel they are not worth it, then we will try to talk you out of them.

Does DBR do exhaust work?

We are not an exhaust shop and many times we will recommend an exhaust shop due to cost. We will do anything from exhaust systems to complete stainless steel fabricated systems.


Does DBR do vehicle lifts?

Most of the time we don’t do lift kits, we do recommend CustomizeIt for lift kits.

Do we install your parts?

Many times the customer already has their own parts or finds a great deal on something and needs DBR to install them. We do offer installation of your parts but at a different labor rate. Please contact us to make sure what you need installed is something we are willing to do.

Do we work on diesel?

Over the years we have built many diesels but we NO LONGER work on diesels.

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